Academic Upgrading (PDF)

Program Description

The Academic Upgrading program is designed to prepare students for entry into the University and College Entrance Preparation Program. This program is designed for students who are not quite prepared to enter into 90-level UCEPP courses, but who are prepared to enter grade 10- 11 courses. Academic Upgrading offers YTC-developed and Alberta Learning accredited courses that can be applied towards a high school diploma, entry into UCEP and pre-technology programs.

Admission Criteria

Students must read at a grade 9/10 level. Applicants may present documentation of grade 9/10 completion and/or complete an assessment process including a skills appraisal test.

Admission Process

All applicants must complete:

  • College Application
  • Submission of transcript or academic assessment test
  • Career Investigation Plan
  • Interview with the Program Coordinator

Courses Offered:

  1. English 10-1, English 20-1
  2. Math 10-3, Math 10- C
  3. Cree 10/20
  4. Aboriginal Studies 10
  5. Information Processing: Introduction/Intermediate

* Please note: English 10, Math 14 and Computer courses are eight (8) month courses.

Cree 10 & Aboriginal Studies 10 are four (4) month courses.

Please note: Funding is the responsibility of the applicant. Please see Program Coordinator about sponsorship availability.


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