Why Choose YTC? We are Edmonton's only First Nations College!

What this means for you:

A welcoming place to learn based on a holistic Aboriginal model of learning. We understand that being a successful student is interconnected with all the other parts of your life and we strive to support you through counselling, services and opportunities to participate in a broad range of programs.
Innovations unique to YTC include: Field Studies, Curriculum Development and credit for Cultural Programming, which may be integrated with coursework.

Cultural Programming

YTC affirms that the First Nations Elders are the “knowledge keepers” in their Nations. Throughout the school year, the college provides several opportunities for students to experience First Nation culture including sweat lodges, pipe ceremonies, round dances, feasts and other cultural ceremonies. Students will have the opportunity to learn more about First Nations history, language, worldviews and cultural protocols, through shared traditional oral practices with Elders, cultural advisors, and other students. YTC’s cultural programming is a conduit for all students to further develop their understanding and appreciation of First Nations culture while affirming First Nations self-identity. In support of its cultural programming, the college has an Elder-in-Residence Program (ERP) for students who may want additional counseling and/or support. The ERP also assists instructors in infusing First Nations content and perspectives in their classrooms.

Students who actively participate may earn up to (3) residency credits per school year. For further information, please inquire with your coordinator.

Yellowhead Tribal College Eagle