Borrowing From YTC Library

Who Can Borrow?

- Students of Yellowhead Tribal College with a valid student ID card.
- Staff and instructors of Yellowhead Tribal College
- Members of the public with a valid The Alberta Library (TAL) card.
- Community borrowers without a TAL card can apply for borrowing privileges at the library service desk. Proof of identity is required.

Loan Periods & Restrictions

- Books may be borrowed for 30 days.
CDs and DVDs may be borrowed for 7 days.
- Reserve materials, reference materials, and periodicals (newspapers, magazines, journals, etc.) may only be used within the library.

Number of Items

- Students may borrow up to 3 CDs or DVDs and 10 books. Exceptions may be made at the discretion of the Library Manager.
- Staff and instructors have no limit to the amount of items they may borrow. 
- TAL card holders and community borrowers are limited to 5 items.

Overdue Items

- Fines are not charged for overdue items. Patrons with overdue items cannot borrow more items until the overdue items have been returned.
- Overdue notices will be sent electronically. If an item is not returned by the receipt of the final overdue notice, the patron will have a hold (block) placed on their account. The item will be assumed lost and the patron will be billed the cost of the item plus applicable processing fees.
- Final marks will be withheld for students with outstanding charges. The following additional sanctions may be applied: withholding of transcripts, permission to register, or permission to graduate. Charges will be forgiven and sanctions lifted if the items are returned.

Lost or Missing Items

- The library will charge a replacement fee for items reported missing by a patron.

Borrowing from other Libraries

FNIC Libraries

Students may request to borrow from one of the other First Nations Information Connection libraries. Please contact us to request an item.

The Alberta Library

YTC Library is a member of The Alberta Library (TAL). With a TAL card, students and staff have borrowing privileges at TAL member libraries.