Online Programming

YTC has expanded its online catalog to encompass all Management Studies and University Studies courses, made available through the Moodle Learning Management System.

Program Details

YTC College is pleased to now offer a number of courses and programs for online study. Courses may be completed on a flexible schedule within a fixed course contract period, and students can study from home, without the need to travel for classes.

Online Study Guides, plus textbooks and other learning materials, combined with the support of an online tutor will allow students to learn at their own pace.

Below are a few points to consider before applying for YTC College online learning:

Those wishing to enrol in online courses should be experienced, reliable students with a proven track record of success. YTC will evaluate and enhance student readiness through a number of roles and with the help of supporting materials. Program Coordinators and Counsellors will also impart to students the importance of understanding the unique challenges and demands of online learning. 

You will need to have regular access to a well functioning computer that's three years old or less running: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP or higher.

Are you generally comfortable with the basic skills needed when using a computer? Some of these skills include:

  • Saving files, moving files, and creating folders
  • Installing or downloading software
  • Adding printers and other devices as needed
  • Basic understanding of Microsoft Office and Powerpoint
  • Troubleshooting basic problems with your computer
  • Basic internet browsing skills, such as doing searches, setting bookmarks, and downloading files or plug-ins and using email

Other things to keep in mind:

Your program may require the use of speakers, microphone, web cam and a printer. You will need to have a hard-wired connection to the internet - using either a high speed DSL or cable connection.

You will need to remain motivated working on your own.

Your program will likely require that you spend 7-10 or more hours each week on your online course.

You should plan to have a dedicated space where you can study without being interrupted.

You will need to be comfortable learning from material presented in video clips, audio recordings, podcasts, or online text.

You will need to be comfortable with communicating through online chat, posted discussions, email, or blogs.

Are you ready for online study?