General Studies

The General Studies program provides students university-transferable courses.

Program Details

The General Studies Certificate (GSC) Program is designed to provide students with 30 credits (10 courses) of transferable, introductory university-level courses that are applicable to a broad range of programs. Students who complete their Certificate in General Studies may choose to apply their credits to a degree at another institution, or return to Yellowhead Tribal College in Fall for one of our degree programs.

The General Studies Certificate is the credential offered to all students entering the program. For students seeking university transfer, the certificate offers students the first two years of a general program for transfer to a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.), Bachelor of General Studies (B.G.S.), or Bachelor of Arts in Native Studies (B.A. N.S.) at a degree-granting institution. 

Students seeking admission to the University of Alberta or other degree-granting institutions should contact the Department Head to examine how the General Studies Certificate fits into their desired program of study. 

Deadline to apply: June 30, 2023

Admission requirements

Applicants must comply with the entrance requirements and admission policies of the institutions from which courses are brokered:

English 30 or 90 (or equivalent) with a minimum grade of 65%, or English 33 with a minimum grade of 75%, and one other 30-level or 90-level course (or equivalent)*, OR previous successful completion of university-level courses. 

*Students who do not meet admission requirements may write the College Achievement Test (CAT). A minimum grade of 60% on the CAT is required for admission to the program. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Courses offered in the General Studies program:

ANTH 101: Anthropology 101

ANTH 101

ANTH 350: Anthropology & Multiculturalism

ANTH 350

Cree 100


Cree 250


DRAM 149: Introduction to the Dramatic Process


EASC 101: The Dynamic Earth


Educational Information Technology 202


EDPY 200: Educational Psychology for Teachers

EDPY 200

ENGL 124: Literary Analysis

ENGL 124

ENGL 125: Aboriginal Literature


ENGL 214: Creative Writing

ENGL 214

Finance 300

FNCE 300

GEOG 151: Human Geography

GEOG 151

IGP 304: Indigenous Governance


NTST 102: The Imaginary Indian

NTST 102

NTST 103: Native Social Structures

NTST 103

NTST 203: Native Social Structures & the Environment

NTST 203

NTST 205: Value-Based Learning

NTST 205

NTST 206: Cultural & Env'tal Impact Assessment

NTST 206

Native Studies Fieldwork


NTST 350: Comparative Studies

NTST 350

NTST 404: Governance & Laws - Turtle Laws & Inherent Rights

NTST 404

Psychology 104

PSYC 104

Psychology 105

PSYC 105

PSYC 223: Developmental Psychology

PSYC 223

PSYC 233: Personality

PSYC 233

PSYC 241: Social Psychology

PSYC 241

PSYC 253: Abnormal Psychology

PSYC 253

SOCI 100: Introductory Sociology

SOCI 100

SOCI 101: Canadian Society

SOCI 101

Sociology 210

SOCI 210

SOCI 215: Sociology of the Family

SOCI 215

SOCI 300: Research Methods

SOCI 300

SOCI 350: Racism & Global Inequality

SOCI 350

STAT 151: Introduction to Applied Statistics

STAT 151

NTST 405: Cultural Roles & Responsibilities - Grandchildren Clans

NTST 405

DRAM 247: Oral Communication

DRAM 247

DRAM 257: Introduction to Scene Studies

DRAM 257

EDPY 200: Educational Psychology for Teachers

EDPY 200

EDPY 300: Intro to Exceptional Learners

EDPY 300

HIST 260: History of Canada to 1867

HIST 260

HIST 261: History of Canada since 1867

HIST 261

MATH 113: Introductory Calculus

MATH 113

MATH 160: Math for Education Students

MATH 160

NTST 300: Community Development in Aboriginal Communities

NTST 300

NTST 303: Land & Governance

NTST 303

NTST 307: Understanding Our Interpretation of the Treaties

NTST 307

NTST 308: Opikihawasiwin: Child-Rearing Practices

NTST 308

NTST 400: Community Development in Aboriginal Communities II

NTST 400

PHED 293: Movement Activity in Children 5-12

PHED 293

PLAN 200: Introduction to Community Planning

PLAN 200