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Important dates and information about Yellowhead Tribal College campus life.


For more information on the Yellowhead Tribal College and COVID-19 updates, please read here: YTC & COVID-19

Student ID Cards

YTC Policy on Photography and Recording

Academic Calendar

The Academic Calendar serves as an information source and planning document for students, faculty, staff and departments, as well as outside organizations. The Calendar includes registration dates, class start dates, add/drop deadlines, course descriptions, and more. 

The Calendar is an indication of the intention of the College at the time the Calendar was prepared. While we make every effort to ensure the content of the Calendar is accurate, it is sometimes necessary to make changes to the information contained within the calendar, including but not limited to: tuition and fees, entrance standards, academic standards, elimination of or changes to courses, policies, etc. 

YTC College Campus

Location: YTC is located in the Orange Hub (10045 - 156 Street). The library is located on the ground level (3rd floor), with classrooms, instructors' offices, and administrative offices one level down (2nd floor). 

Parking: There is a parking lot along 155 Street and Stony Plain Road. The parade costs $1/hour or $5/day. Monthly passes are available at $75/month by calling Impark at (877) 909-6199. We are Lot 177.

Elders: Elders are in residence at the College Monday to Friday . They can be found in the Ceremonial Room (308B), located on the 3rd floor in the library.

Lockers: Lockers are available for a $10 deposit. Please see Reception or email (Student Services Coordinator) 

Smoking: New city bylaws permit smoking outside the building at least 10 metres from doors and entryways. 

Driving to Campus:

From west of Edmonton via the Yellowhead (Hwy 16): Take exit 21 and travel south. Turn left on 100 Avenue and continue east to 156 Street. The Orange Hub is at northeast corner of 156 Street and 100 Avenue.



YTC is located across the street from the Jasper Place Transit Centre, a transit hub serviced by 16 bus lines.

ETS Trip Planner

Snow Day Policy

The reality of living in Alberta means that sometimes there are winter days when it is simply too dangerous to come to campus, particularly for our students who are commuting from outside the city.

In the event of a snow day that results in cancelled classes, Yellowhead Tribal College will email the students at their YTC student gmails, and send out Facebook and Twitter alerts.

Keep an eye on the Edmonton and area weather with Environment Canada via the website or by calling their weather line: 780-468-4940.

Exam Policies

Deferred Exam Administration and Supervision

Exam Location
All deferred college examinations will be written in an alternative location selected and approved by the Program Coordinator or appointed representative.

Exam Supervision
All deferred college examinations will be given under the supervision of a Proctor or an approved Yellowhead Tribal College employee.

Writing Exams

Pre-Requisites for Exams
A student's right to take an examination is contingent on:

  • Being registered in the course;
  • Being able to produce valid student identification before the examination; and
  • Being capable (i.e., not ill or impaired) of taking the exam.
Students who write the exam and later claim that they were ill when they wrote the exam will be assigned the grade they scored and will not be allowed to re-do the exam. Coordinators will be responsible to ensure the above requirements are met. 

Exam Attempt 
At the beginning of the examination, a student must verify that the correct exam for their course has been provided. Once a student has viewed an exam, it will be considered to have been an attempt at the exam and the exam will be considered written.

Arrival for Exams
Students should arrive 10 minutes prior to writing time. This is to ensure that seating and instructions can occur in a timely manner and to ensure they receive the full time allotted for the exam.

Late Arrival for Exams
Students arriving late for the exam start time will be seated at the discretion of the Department Head, Program Coordinator, or designate. If it is determined that the late arrival will impede the ability of the Proctor to supervise the examination in the time allotted, the student will receive a grade of zero.

Permitted References and Aids During Exam
Only those items specifically authorized by the instructor may be brought into the exam location. The Proctor must be notified in advance which aids will be allowed during the examination. The use of unauthorized personal listening, communication, recording, photographic, translation, and/or computational devices is strictly prohibited and will be treated as academic misconduct.

Communication During Exams
During the exam, all communications should be addressed to the Proctor. Students should not, under any circumstances, speak to or communicate with other students or leave their answer papers exposed to view.

Exam Integrity and Code of Conduct

Exam Integrity
Students are expected to write their examinations in an honest and straightforward manner. Any irregularities will be documented and reported. Where there are reasonable grounds for believing a violation of exam protocol has occurred, the candidate will be subject to the disciplinary procedures and sanctions according to the Code of Student Conduct.

Student Conduct During Exams
Students are expected to be respectful to the Proctor and to the other students writing in an exam room. Disrespectful behaviour will not be tolerated. Students are subject to the disciplinary procedures and sanctions described in the Code of Student Conduct.

Exam Return to the College

Attempted or Completed Exams

  • Paper Exams: An attempted and/or completed exam must be returned to the Proctor and only to the Proctor. Attempted or completed exams will be returned by the Proctor to the Department Head or Program Coordinator no later than the next business day.
  • Online Exams: Online exams require a stable internet connection in order for students to complete the exam. An online exam will be submitted through the learning management system (e.g., Moodle) when the student has completed or when the allotted time has expired. Students are responsible for ensuring that their exam is properly submitted through the learning management system.

Review of Exam by Student

Subject to reasonable administrative arrangements and provided the request is made by a student within a reasonable time after the notification of a mark, every student has a right to review any exam for which they have received a mark and a right to discuss the exam with the Instructor or Program Coordinator/Department Head.

Appeal of a Mark or Grade

Students must make an appeal of a mark or grade to the Program Coordinator or Department Head.

A pdf of these policies may be downloaded here