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Tips for Success at YTC

Attend the student orientation. This is the first step on your path to success. It gives you an opportunity to meet staff, instructors, and elders, and to participate in cultural activities and ceremonies.

Attend study skills workshops when they are offered. These are scheduled throughout the year.

Improve your computer skills. Take advantage of digital/media literacy and computer basics workshops when they are offered.

Create an academic plan. Meet with your Program Coordinator prior to registering for courses to ensure that you are meeting the requirements of your program.

Meet regularly with your Program Coordinator.

Keep in touch online. Consult the website regularly to keep up with news and events. If you are are on Facebook, join the Yellowhead Tribal College Group, like the Yellowhead Tribal College and Yellowhead Tribal College Library pages, and follow us on Twitter (@YTCLibrary).

Take advantage of student services. The following services are available to you: peer counselling, emergency assistance (e.g., bus tickets, student food bank), elder support, wellness workshops, and tutoring. See the Student Counselor for more information.

Attend classes regularly and be on time. Active participation in your classes is absolutely essential for academic success. Low attendance leads to poor grades, plain and simple.

Get involved. Make connections with instructors, fellow students, and staff at the College. The Student Association organizes events throughout the year to give you an opportunity to connect with others on campus.

Avoid procrastination. Deadlines are a fact of student life. Learn how to manage your time and don't leave things to the last minute!

Use the library. The library exists to support you academically. Computers, online resources, books, and research help are always available. Drop in or make an appointment with the librarian.​