Introduction to Nehiyaweywin Conversational Cree

Course details

This is an introduction to the Cree Language Immersion Program, which consists of three phases. The program will utilize Cree language stories and resources to assist in the learning of Cree. The program will concentrate on developing oral Cree language through storytelling by listening, speaking, and comprehension. The program will include full Cree immersion class discussion, lectures in circles, guest speakers, and presentations. Research in the form of community and online content will be conducted by students for skills development complemented with introduction to reading and writing primarily for enhancement and reinforcement of speaking and comprehension of the language. Through an introduction to the study of the Cree language in the YTC territory, students will be encouraged to do some exploration into their communities and other Nations to collect stories and word interpretations. 

3 Credits 

Course prerequisites

Cree 100

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