2-Year Pre-Education Diploma Program

Yellowhead Tribal College is now offering a 2-year Pre-Education Diploma Program leading to a B.Ed.

Program Details

YTC’s two-year Pre-Education Diploma program lays the foundation for a career in elementary or secondary education. Offering prerequisites for education degrees at a range of post-secondary institutions, the program prepares students to advance to the Bachelor’s stage and ultimately teach in provincially funded elementary and secondary schools. Students may choose between two streams: elementary education, where they will take a generalist course of study, and secondary education, where they will focus on languages, culture, and native education. Graduates from the 2-Year Pre-Education Diploma Program are eligible to apply for the Bachelor of Education at a variety of post-secondary institutions. 

Admission requirements

All applicants must complete:

  • General Application Form 
  • English 30-1, or 1st and 2nd Year University Transfer courses. 

Frequently Asked Questions


Courses in the YTC Pre-Education Diploma Program:

ANIS 150: Introductory Anishinaabe

ANIS 150

ANIS 151: Intermediate Anishinaabe


ANTH 101: Anthropology 101

ANTH 101

ANTH 350: Anthropology & Multiculturalism

ANTH 350

Cree 100


CREE 105: Nehiyaweywin Conversational Cree


DRAM 149: Introduction to the Dramatic Process


DRAM 247: Oral Communication

DRAM 247

EASC 101: The Dynamic Earth


EDIT 210: Intro to Information Technology for Educators

EDIT 210

ENGL 124: Literary Analysis

ENGL 124

ENGL 125: Aboriginal Literature


ENGL 214: Creative Writing

ENGL 214

GEOG 151: Human Geography

GEOG 151

HIST 100: Western Civilization, 1500 - Present

HIST 100

IGOV 301: Introduction to Renewing Ceremonial Life


IGOV 302: Applied Ceremonial Renewal


IGOV 306: Intro to Indigenous Community Research


IGOV 307: Communication for Indigenous Governance


IGOV 309: Indigenous-Settler Relations


INED 100: Current Trends in Educational Pedagogy

INED 100

INED 110: Education Admin Foundations, Ethics, & Principles

INED 110

INED 155: Inclusive Education

INED 155

INED 210: Parallels of Education between Cultures

INED 210

NTST 101: Native Issues

NTST 101

NTST 102: The Imaginary Indian

NTST 102

NTST 203: Native Social Structures & the Environment

NTST 203

NTST 205: Value-Based Learning

NTST 205

NTST 206: Cultural & Env'tal Impact Assessment

NTST 206

NTST 350: Comparative Studies

NTST 350

PSYC 241: Social Psychology

PSYC 241

PSYC 253: Abnormal Psychology

PSYC 253

SOCI 100: Introductory Sociology

SOCI 100

SOCI 101: Canadian Society

SOCI 101

SOCI 215: Sociology of the Family

SOCI 215

SOCI 300: Research Methods

SOCI 300

SOCI 350: Racism & Global Inequality

SOCI 350

STAT 151: Introduction to Applied Statistics

STAT 151

STON 115: Introduction to Stoney Nakota Language & Culture


ISGA 125: Advanced Stoney Nakota Language & Culture

ISGA 125