Vertical Farming Operators Certificate Program

Vertical Farming is a newly developed technique that uses innovative technologies to grow a variety of produce indoors and year-round.

Program Details

This program provides opportunities for First Nation communities, organizations and individuals to exercise sovereignty in the production of their food, as well as pursue long-term food security and sustainability.

Prospective students may choose to enroll in either a citation or a certificate. The certificate is 10 months and includes key courses:

  • Plant Identification
  • Plant Growth in Different Media
  • Integrated Pest Management
  • Greenhouse Crop Production 
  • Greenhouse Management
  • Traditional Hunter-Gatherer Lifestyles of Cree/Anishnaabe/Nakota-Sioux
  • Indigenous Plant Knowledge from the Lands
  • Displacement, Disruption, Domination of the Cree/Anishnaabe, Nakota-Sioux
  • Nutrition and Diet for Balancing the Spiritual, Emotional, and Mental Aspects

The program includes a practicum so students can apply the theory and knowledge learned in the classroom to its technical application in an agricultural or retail setting. A citation may be acquired after completing five core courses.

Construction is currently underway at YTC’s campus so that students will build their vertical farming skills in a fully equipped classroom setting in close proximity to practical working environments. This program meets STEM criteria and embodies the foundational ancestral knowledge of our connection to the lands and waters. 

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Admission requirements

Student must have completed Science 10 , Math 10C, and English 20

Please contact Admissions for information to apply: 

Deadline to apply: June 30, 2024

Start: Fall, September 2024