NEHI 110

Introductory Cree Morphology

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The word "morphology" means studying the form and structure of things: how things are put together ("morph" means form/structure; "ology" is the study of). With this introductory class we will be looking at the morphology of the Nehiyawewin (Cree language). A fluent Cree speaker is able to "paint pictures in our minds and hearts" by drawing from the smallest organic pieces of meaning (called morphemes) contained in/on Mother Earth, Water, Sky, and everything that Creator has made. We willing study a variety of Cree words, including intransitive and transitive verbs, and in so doing we will explore how Cree words are made by looking at the many small parts contained inside the words. We will also examine how they are connected to other words and where these small organic pieces of meaning are found. Examining the structure of Cree words by taking them apart and tying them back together will expose many morphemes, including roots, terminations, prefixes, affixes, suffixes, etc. Some grammatical categories will also be introduced in our analysis, such as tense, person, and so forth. In this class, there will be opportunities for students to grow in practicing to speak Cree, learning new Cree words from Language Helpers/Elders, and of course enjoying themselves by participating in Cree language games. 

3 Credits 

Course prerequisites

CREE 100 or CREE 105

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