HLTH 403

Environmental Health and Healing

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This course will emphasize knowledge, skills, and attitudes conducive to increasing potential for wellness and health. Activities directed towards increasing the overall level of well-being and actualizing the health potential of individuals, families, groups, and communities in general will be stressed. A review of alternative and holistic practices will emphasize the research and critical thinking that support healthy lifestyles. Students will explore theoretical, practical, and experiential approaches to several healing models. Most important, they will explore Indigenous health and the efficacy of healing strategies within communities and decide if Indigenous healing can be complementary to a medical approach. In today's world, there is an increasing need for a positive, constructive approach to health and wellness. There is a general shift in people's priorities in health care because they are recognizing the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle. They are recognizing the connection between the mind/body/spirit and making health-enhancing changes, which not only impact on the body, but also on the attitudes and behaviours that create a better framework for wellness and healing.  

3 Credits

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