IHSW 101

Childhood Adversity and Health Outcomes

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This course is divided into two parts. The first part introduces students to a scientifically based understanding of how one's intergenerational legacy of neglect, maltreatment, childhood adversity, and insecure attachment impact health outcomes due to major transformations in the architecture of a child's developing brain. In essence, the body and brain of a child subjected to chronic stress and anxiety, if left untreated, marinates in toxic inflammatory chemicals throughout the life span of the individual, thus ensuring vulnerability to diseases in the future. 

The second part of this course introduces students to Indigenous and other approaches to healing in the context of teachings associated with the Medicine Wheel while also introducing students to skills that train their brains, minds, and bodies to be mindfully present in their family relationships, thus ensuring an environment that is conducive to the healing process.   

3 Credits

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