IHSW 200

Historical Trauma

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The first part of this course explores how the experience of colonization and the incarceration of Indigenous children in residential schools-- spanning a period of five generations-- severely undermined the emotional well-being of the students and their families as well as the reasons why this psychologically damaging experience is still wreaking havoc in Indigenous communities. Students will be introduced to the concept of Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder as an "emotional aftershock" associated with the residential school experience that is still reverberating in Indigenous families as reflected in the high levels of violence, suicide, sexual abuse, poverty, and alcohol and substance abuse. The interface between the experience of colonization and the resulting disruption of traditional ways of being, the residential school experience CPTSD, disrupted family attachments, impaired brain development due to chronic stress, and pervasive poverty and addiction will be clearly delineated. The second part of this course introduces students to traditional Indigenous belief systems as well as traditional Indigenous approaches to healing.  

3 Credits

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