CREE 106

Nehiyawewin and Syllabics, the Cultural Aspect

Course details

YTC has a commitment to helping students achieve success in their life-long learning, utilizing their first language in the courses offered at YTC. YTC's first priority is to ensure students know their Indigenous identity, including their language. All students are encouraged to learn and speak their language. To achieve this outcome the Cree language courses will teach them to speak and write in Cree syllabics. Developing Cree literacy includes language learning to enhance comprehension of their oral language expression and enables them to grasp appropriate and correct use of the language components. Reading and writing the syllabic symbols require great skills to strengthen that comprehension. Phase II of the Cree Language Program consists of learning the Cree Syllabic Story and learning the writing system. The course will include full Cree language class instruction. Each class will entail total physical response (TPR), guest speakers, practice labs, and presentations. Learning the skill of connection between language and culture will be emphasized. 

3 Credits - Humanities

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