Current Issues in Indigenous Relations: Nehiyaw (Cree) Teachings and Critical Thinking

Indigenous Community-Industry Relations certificate (ICIR) and Indigenous Community Engagement citation (ICE)

Course details

This course will introduce students to an Indigenous worldview of learning and understanding critical thinking. Critical thinking will be approached from an anti-colonial framework that challenges assumptions of conformity, memorization and obedience with an emphasis on self-awareness through inter-activity facilitated by the instructors. An exploration of Indigenous  philosophical  teachings  through Indigenous knowledge holders (via audio, video and written text) will be used, with an emphasis on nehiyaw (Cree) teachings.

Students will learn how Indigenous Peoples developed critical thinking skills through the use of  stories and oral traditions that were passed from Elders and knowledge keepers to learners. An introduction to concepts such as blood memory, collective narrative memory and their  relation to  land/ place  will also be discussed. The course will be co-taught with an Indigenous knowledge keeper and will incorporate traditional teachings, some ceremony and song into the delivery of the course. At the end of the course, students will have an enhanced awareness and understanding of Indigenous worldview(s), Indigenous knowledge, Indigenous philosophy and the methodology in which critical thinking was developed using stories and oral traditions. A facilitative approach to instruction will be taken in order to encourage a collaborative student-instructor approach to learning.