Indigenous Leadership: From Transaction to Transformation

Indigenous Community-Industry Relations certificate (ICIR) and Indigenous Community Engagement citation (ICE)

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This course is introductory and explores Indigenous leadership from a broad perspective, including a values based approach (Laws of Creator) along with a basic western understanding of transactional and transformational leadership. The topic of leadership is complex with no single definition of what makes for an effective leader.

Indigenous leadership is impacted by colonial legislation (Indian Act election) which impacts how leadership is practiced.  Traditionally, Indigenous leadership was inclusive, including women, children and Elders in Nation decision making. Current leadership practices focus primarily on elected leadership voices and decision making while moving away from collective community based decision making leadership approach. Today, Indigenous Nations, industry and the various levels of government (federal, provincial and municipal) all interface. How those engagements occur can be impacted by how leadership is practiced. Come join this course and participate in the classroom conversations.