IESR 130

Air Quality Monitoring and Improvement

Course details

This course focuses on managing and monitoring the quality of the air we breathe. Air pollution control equipment and pollution abatement techniques for the control of point source gas/vapour and particulate emissions – including the effectiveness and operational limitations – are therefore examined in this course. Air dispersion modelling, point source, fugitive emissions, and ambient air monitoring methods are also a point of focus. Because many of the methods used to monitor ambient air quality are similar to those used to assess indoor air quality, a portion of the course is devoted to techniques used to monitor indoor (e.g. workplace/residential) air quality as well. Laboratory exercises introduce point source manual monitoring, fugitive emissions monitoring, air emission assessments, operation and calibration of continuous analyzers and indoor air sampling techniques.

3 Credits

Course prerequisites

MATH 90, CHEM 90, ENGL 90

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