IESR 210

An Exploration of Biological Diversity

Course details

 In this course, students are introduced to the patterns of evolution in the form of biological diversity and the mechanisms of evolution leading to this diversity. This course will enable students to have a broad and proficient understanding of the mechanisms of evolution and how these mechanisms have led to the vast diversity of organisms present. Through this, students will understand and appreciate the interconnectedness of evolution, ecology, and biological diversity. Important to this discussion is an inclusion of organism diversity by investigating the characteristics and importance of Prokaryotes, Fungi, Plants, and Animals. To complete the discussion, students will delve into conservation and sustainability to demonstrate human and non-human causes of diversity losses. From learning the basic principles of evolution of biological diversity, students should be able to demonstrate a thorough knowledge of how biological diversity is formed, how humans are impacted by diversity, and how we influence diversity.

3 Credits

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