IESR 280

Contaminated Site Evaluating and Management

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Contaminated sites do not conform to a standard set of rules and characteristics: they are highly variable and must be treated in a site-specific manner. In this course, students will learn the theory and process of assessment and management of contaminated sites. After exploring the regulatory framework that governs site assessments and contamination management in Canada and in Alberta, students will learn about common contaminants, how they affect the environment, and how to identify them. Throughout the course, students will be required to apply learned material to future assignments and site assessment components and group work are also emphasized, as these are essential to a career in contaminated site management. Students will work in groups to collect information and document learnings that will be components of larger term assignments. The last part of the course explores the more advanced topics associated with management of contaminated sites including remediation, risk assessment, and reclamation.

3 Credits

Course prerequisites

MATH 90, CHEM 90, ENGL 90

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