IESR 300

Site Reclamation

Course details

This course introduces students to the study of various methods, techniques, and measures that can be used to counter, restore, and/or reclaim certain soil and vegetation conditions. Specifically, this course will focus on the process involving the restoration of uplands and wetlands, paying attention to methods used to stabilize and control erosion whilst exploring reclamation efforts using vegetation and soil restoration. This will be used to explore further possible resolutions for Alberta’s regions in need of reclamation. Apart from the reclamation process, attention in this course is also given to the legal nature of these situations, pointing out the laws that govern these processes and the various stakeholders in such undertakings who must be addressed. Students will thus be prepared to deal with the environmental issues sought to be corrected through restoration and reclamation projects, as well as the legal issues brought by them. Field trips will be conducted furthermore in this course so as to give students a hands-on experience and insight into the situations and conditions encountered in pursuit of bringing back local vegetation and soil to their natural state. After this course, students should be able to have an understanding of different soils and vegetation so as to properly devise plans to restore them wherever they may be disturbed.

3 Credits

Course prerequisites

IESR 200, IESR 210, IESR 230, IESR 240, IESR 280

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