IESR 360

Community Engagement and Planning

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In this course, students are given the background necessary to understand how the history of Canada’s relationship with Indigenous People has given rise to the field of community engagement. Community engagement is based in the recognition and understanding of Indigenous Rights; these rights have been asserted by Indigenous communities and upheld by the Supreme Court of Canada. As a result, every level of government has developed, at a minimum, policies that address implementation of the Duty to Consult while communities have their own protocols and procedures for being engaged. The learning objectives of this course will be attained through readings, formal presentations, discussions and application of engagement skills. After this course, students will be able to carry out engagement in accordance with Federal and Provincial (Alberta) Crown requirements and will possess the tools necessary to effectively and meaningfully engage Indigenous communities over the short and long term. 

3 Credits

Course prerequisites

NTST 103, IESR 260

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