INED 210

Parallels of Education between Cultures

Course details

In this course students will examine the similarities and strengths that exist between and among various cultures. Students will be introduced to a variety of Indigenous cultures from around the world and will compare the similarities and differences that exist among them. This is an interactive course allowing the students to develop an understanding of multiculturalism, focusing on Indigenous cultures in other countries of the world. Students will learn organizational skills and the importance of collaborative learning teams, as these skills are essential for teaching in classrooms. In addition, the approach will allow for problem-solving, discussion, and debate. Class participation is an integral part of this course and will be assessed at 40 percent of the course grade. A project will be assigned in a small group activity to allow for collaboration, an essential part of effective teaching. Students will complete an essay from a possible 8 titles assigned by the instructor. The final exam will be based on the entire course content including the textbook and articles assigned throughout the course. 

3 Credits

Course prerequisites

INED 100

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