INED 215

Indigenous Language Revitalization

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This course is a foundational course that will bring forward an awareness of the repercussions of colonization and assimilation processes and how this has impacted our own sense of ownership and responsibility to the development, maintenance, and revitalization of our own language and culture. The focus for this course is to review and highlight the need to decolonize and wake up our own people to accept the responsibility of promoting, developing, and maintaining our own language. The lack of passion towards our own mother tongue has to be reawakened in the Cree/Anishinaabe/Stoney Nakoda communities. We cannot expect others who are not a part of the Indigenous worldview to play a key role in language awakening in our communities; we are the owners and speakers of our languages. The focus of this course is primarily on process for footwork in the community for the purpose of promoting ownership. This foundational course will encourage the students to actively work towards revitalizing the ownership of the language within the community.   

3 Credits

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