ISWK 411

Indigenous Language and Philosophy of Social Work II

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This portfolio course builds on ISWK 311: Indigenous Language and Philosophy of Social Work I. Classes consist of seminars and labs to synthesize common threads that are emerging in the course content and to explore what language tells us about a particular issue. Students will be introduced to various language learning methods and will seek language mentors to facilitate the development of a personal glossary of Indigenous words that describe the social work concepts that emerge in each course. 

As a group, students will synthesize their personal learnings into a collective lexicon of language terms that describe the key social work concepts as they are identified in a specific course or ceremony. Activities will include stories, assignments, and language labs or guests to support class discussions to explore Cree, Stoney, Anishinaabe, or the students' own language terms to extend their Indigenous knowledge. 

1.5 Credits

Course prerequisites:

ISWK 311

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