ISWK 430

Community Practice

Course details

This 250-hour course builds on the 700 hours of practicum completed by students at the diploma level and 250 hours at the bachelor's level. They will further develop their ability to apply social work practice models grounded in Indigenous history and ways of knowing. Knowledge and skills that can be used in Indigenous settings to heal and reclaim Indigenous families and communities will be demonstrated through application in a social work practice setting. Students will have the opportunity to grow in the following areas:

  • An understanding of the application and integration of social work ethics
  • An ability to integrate social work theory with practice
  • An understanding of practicum settings (organizational philosophy, purpose, functions, structure, and services)
  • A willingness to increase self-awareness by assessing strengths and weaknesses as a practitioner; students are expected to display consciousness of personal values, biases, emotional reactions, and the impact they have on others
  • An ability to provide personal leadership and accountability to tasks and projects undertaken within the scope of the practicum. 

3 Credits

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