Native Studies 306

anishinaabe mitêw pimatisiwin: An Introduction to Indigenous Health and Traditional Medicines

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An Introduction to Indigenous Health and Traditional Medicines is an introduction to the diverse field of Indigenous health and Indigenous traditional medicines. While many courses across the country in various post-secondary institutions focus on the illness or deficit paradigm and current disparities in Indigenous health, this course will examine what systems were in place within Indigenous societies that kept them healthy (specifically from an anishinaabe and nehiyawak perspective) for millennia. Students will gain an understanding of miyopimatisiwin, how environmental health is intricately related to human health, the Treaty promise to health, the process for transferring cultural and medicinal knowledge in the midewin/mitêwikamik, an overview of some traditional medicines and how they are related to our Creation teachings, prevention mechanisms for maintaining health, and sexual health.

3 Credits - Social Sciences

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