Native Studies 405

ultural Roles & Responsibilities - Grandchildren Clans

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This course is the continuation of learning the clan structures within Anishinaabe ways of knowing. In NTST 204 (this course's pre-requisite), the instructor explained thoroughly the first ten clans of the governance structure. In NTST 405 the instructor will explain in further detail the remaining ten clans. The first grandchildren clans hold important roles and responsibilities to the laws and governance within Anishinaabe ceremonies. The clan structure is a vital piece to understanding the cultural values and connection to Akii (mother earth). Clans teach kinship and the responsibilities to the care of Akii and the future generations. The creation story of the clans, medicines, and their roles and responsibilities will be explored in oral and visual detail. This course is designed to instruct students in an oral teaching environment using both classroom methods and land-based learning methods.  

3 Credits

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