REIA 140

Introduction to Energy Audits

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This course will provide students an overview of how our homes, businesses, and actions interact with the environment. Students will learn how government legislation impacts actions that tackle climate change and the increased adoption of renewable energies into our day-to-day lives across the planet. Knowing the goals, objectives, and requirements, students will learn about their homes and buildings and will gain a more detailed understanding of the building envelope, mechanical systems, ventilation systems, and the integration of various types of renewable energy. We will study and understand the different rating systems across Canada and what is required to be part of the industry. Combining the knowledge of what we need to do as a society, the available technologies, and the understanding of our buildings, students will learn how to audit a building and create an action plan to reduce their environmental footprint and operating costs. A full module on the integration of renewable energy will close off a rounded understanding of energy auditing. 

3 Credits

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