Cree 210

Cree Morphology-- Intransitive Verbs (Intermediate)

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Cree Elders have said that it is here on Turtle Island that Creator placed us nehiyawewin who were created from Mother Earth and whom Creator gave our Cree language and made us related to everything. We will be respectfully aware that nehiyawewin is spiritual, designed by Creator, and carries the teachings of our ancestors who lived on these homelands of Turtle Island for millennia. This intermediate Cree morphology course will build on the foundation established in the prerequisite introductory Cree morphology classes (Cree 110 and Cree 111). Through the age-old storytelling methodology, each student's speaking proficiency, understanding, and connection to his or her Spirit will grow. Through deeper text-based analysis of their stories, songs, group language activities, and relaxed interactive class participation with one another and the Elders/Language Keepers, the climate will be conducive to a rich mutual learning experience. 

3 Credits 

Course prerequisites

CREE 110 and CREE 111

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