Indigenous Language Degree

Yellowhead Tribal College is now offering a Bachelor's Degree in Indigenous Languages

Program Details

The Indigenous Languages Degree will provide students with a strong foundation in Cree, Stoney/Nakota, and Anishnaabe/Saulteaux, both spoken and written; culture and traditional knowledge; and Indigenous/traditional pedagogy. In addition to classroom-based learning, the program offers language immersion and land-based fieldwork with Elders and our Knowledge Keeper. With the Bachelor’s degree in Indigenous Languages, students will emerge with post-secondary-level skills in writing and critical thinking; speaking and writing proficiency in one or more Indigenous languages; and detailed knowledge of Indigenous cultures and worldview with the capacity to promote and advocate for the retention of Indigenous language and culture. 

Graduates will develop the following skills, knowledge bases, and capacities:

  • Critical thinking and post-secondary-level writing skills
  • Proficiency in one or more Indigenous languages, with the ability to speak and write fluently
  • Detailed knowledge of Indigenous cultures and worldview, with the capacity to promote and advocate for the retention of Indigenous language and culture.

Admission requirements

All applicants must complete:

  • General Application Form + pay the $75 non-refundable application fee. 
  • English 30-1, or 1st and 2nd Year University Transfer courses. 
Please contact Interim Program Coordinator Doreen Daychief for information or to apply:

Frequently Asked Questions

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Courses offered in the Indigenous Languages Degree program:

ANIS 151: Intermediate Anishinaabe


Cree 100


CREE 105: Nehiyaweywin Conversational Cree


CREE 106: Nehiyawewin and Syllabics


CREE 111: Cree Morphology: Telling of Stories, Cree Words and Suffixes


CREE 250: Intermediate Cree


EASC 101: The Dynamic Earth


ENGL 125: Aboriginal Literature


IGOV 301: Introduction to Renewing Ceremonial Life


INED 100: Current Trends in Educational Pedagogy

INED 100

INED 155: Inclusive Education

INED 155

NTST 101: Native Issues

NTST 101

NTST 103: Native Social Structures

NTST 103

STON 115: Introduction to Stoney Nakota Language & Culture


STON 125: Advanced Stoney Nakota Language & Culture

STON 125

IGOV 302: Applied Ceremonial Renewal


ENGL 124: Literary Analysis

ENGL 124

CREE 110: Introductory Cree Morphology

CREE 110

ANIS 150: Introductory Anishinaabe

ANIS 150

INED 110: Education Admin Foundations, Ethics, & Principles

INED 110

INED 215: Indigenous Language Revitalization

INED 215

GEOG 151: Human Geography

GEOG 151

ENGL 214: Creative Writing

ENGL 214

INED 210: Parallels of Education between Cultures

INED 210

EDIT 210: Intro to Information Technology for Educators

EDIT 210

CREE 200: Intermediate Cree

CREE 200

CREE 210: Cree Morphology-- Intransitive Verbs

CREE 210

INED 255: Second Language Acquisition

INED 255

ANIS 250: Intermediate Anishinaabe II

ANIS 250

CREE 300: Advanced Cree

CREE 300

CREE 400: Advanced Cree II

CREE 400

EDFX 200: Introduction to Teaching

EDFX 200

IGOV 310: Indigenous Peoples and Technology for Governance

IGOV 310