Environment and Livelihood Indigenous Programs

Indigenous Community-Industry Relations certificate (ICIR) and Indigenous Community Engagement citation (ICE)

Course details

Participants will gain a deeper understanding of why a healthy environment is integral to maintaining the identity, culture, and livelihood of Indigenous peoples. This course will enhance students' understanding of Indigenous environmental stewardship and philosophy from an Indigenous worldview.

This course will focus on the historical and current policy impacts that guide one aspect of existing relationship(s) between Indigenous peoples, government and industry. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of Indigenous perspective(s) of land and resources through a decolonized framework, aimed at fostering positive relationships that move towards reconciliation.

In this course we will explore the Indigenous land based teachings as well as common law legal and policy discourse that frames the current Indigenous and Canadian relationship. More specifically, we will examine issues related to Indigenous legal orders/laws, Aboriginal and treaty rights and Metis rights in the context of resource development on the land. The course will rely on academic articles, videos and Elders oral teachings.