History 260

History of Canada to 1867

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HIST 260 is a survey course that will introduce students to the social, political, economic, and intellectual history of early Canada, from the pre-contact era right up to the time of the Confederation agreement. Beyond establishing the basic outline of how (what became) Canada developed in this period, special emphasis will be placed on examining the experiences of and relations between the two key groups that founded Canada-- the Native peoples, already in residence for thousands of years, and the Europeans, who after about 1600 came in ever-growing numbers. Building on that foundation, the course covers French-English relations, how colonialism shaped nascent institutions and economic structures here, and finally how Confederation was achieved. The course will also highlight where historians have disagreed in their interpretations of various historic events and developments. History 260 is of value to a wide range of students, including those who have an interest in or a desire to broaden their understanding of Canada's past, and those seeking a foundation for further studies in the discipline of history. 

3 Credits 

Course prerequisites:

HIST 100

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