IESR 120

Geology and Use of Water Systems

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In this course, students are introduced to the concepts surrounding physical hydrogeology. From learning the basic principles of hydrogeology, students should be able to demonstrate a thorough knowledge of the occurrence, dissemination, and movement of water in various situations. Students will show that they understand the effects geography engenders for water in relation to these factors, and moreover, how these factors affect the availability of water as a resource, looking at groundwater specifically. Other topics covered include the hydrologic cycle, the relationship between surface and groundwater, the construction of wells, quantitative & qualitative groundwater flow assessments, and the determination of hydraulic properties of hydro stratigraphic units. Altogether, this course should formulate for a proficient understanding of the behaviour of water in all of Earth’s environments.

3 Credits

Course prerequisites

MATH 90, CHEM 90, ENGL 90

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