Native Studies 204

Anishinaabe Clan Systems

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This course was designed to enhance the understanding of the Anishinaabe Clan System. The Clan System is believed to be the basis for Anishinaabe ceremony, governance, kinship, and spiritual relationship to the land. This course will deliver in detail the roles and responsibilities within the 40-clan structure of the Anishinaabe people. These teachings are delivered through oral representation with the assistance of visual and hearing sensory aids, such as PowerPoints, videos, songs, and required fieldwork at sacred sites. It is believed that learning the responsibilities of each clan was given by the Creator. It creates a broader comprehension of the relationship we hold with our clan relatives and with the land. The knowledge that is rooted within the medicine wheel requires an extensive consciousness as it relates to all existence of life, not only on earth but also in relation to the cosmos. This course describes Creator's Laws within the medicine wheel of the four directions as inscribed in the Anishinaabe Clan system. 

3 Credits 

Course prerequisites

ANIS 150 and 151

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