SOWK 101

Communication and Counselling in Social Work Practice

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This introductory interviewing course will assist students in developing beginner social work interviewing and communication skills necessary for the ethical and effective generalist practice of social work. The communication skills for each phase of the interview process will also be examined with special attention to working from Indigenous belief systems and a solid understanding of the diversity of needs of various client groups. Once students have demonstrated mastery of the skills associated with counseling, they will learn how to conduct counseling sessions followed by the acquisition of interpersonal influencing skills that will facilitate a client's self-change process. Students will be introduced to strategies that will enhance their capacity to engage in self-regulation and acquire communication skills that will improve their ability to work as a generalist social worker. The topic of trauma will be introduced and the impact of trauma on both the client and the counselor will be explored at an introductory level.

3 Credits

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